The company Dankers Daltex is a service provider, which deals with the import and marketing of agricultural products.

The company was founded in 1997 under the name Dankers & van Rijn. In 2013 it was renamed as part of a reorganization of the company. The new name emphasizes the close connection to the Egyptian production company Daltex. Production and marketing are inextricably linked in our company.

Due to a close and over a long period grown business we are able to develop long-term joint projects and to offer our customers high quality products.

Our core business is the production and marketing of Egyptian early potatoes.

Meanwhile, the production and trading activities have been extended to other areas of the fruit and vegetable sector.

Our aim is to expand the range of products constantly. In this we are supported by a reliable and with current EU standards certified producers network in the growing regions.

customer-oriented service and the satisfaction of a high quality standard in our service and our products characterize the company Dankers Daltex...